Kangaroo Ground Pet Food


400 gr Kangaroo Ground Meat

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Kangaroo ground meat is very lean with less than 2% fat. Kangaroo meat is one of the most environmentally friendly sources of protein on earth, and emits 1/20 of methane gasses that cattle would. Additionally, it provides a good source of high quality protein, important vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc. Kangaroo meat has few connective tissues, which allows for fine textured tender meat. This product is shipped frozen, vacuum sealed.

  • 100% Kangaroo
  • Truly free-range
  • Imported from Australian
  • Wild harvested
  • Federally inspected

Ingredients: 100% Kangaroo meat

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 3 cm